Lean produktion the toyota way stopptidsuppföljning
  Production and quality systems - The Toyota way

Lean production

Complete tacting systems together with tacttimers,
andonstrings visualises keyfigures, productionstatus, downtime etc.
Built-in functions for realtime statistics and OEE calculation.


All-in-one supplier of services and products within LEAN processing. We offer our customers scalable lean tools, reports, trend and statistic modules. Together with the customer we create an efficient production which decreases waste, muda and increase output and better quality. We deliver complete lean systems for lean production, hardware as well as software for educational purposes.

Lean production, qualityconcept Lean production, verifying and control Lean produktion, leanproduction system Lean produktion, realtime statistics

Lean - a qualityconcept

Poka-Yoke, picking indication, pick-to-lightsystem, material handling, verifying and control. We help you create a useful tool according to the lean concept.

Lean produktion, pick-to-light och poka yoke Lean production - the toyota way

Stronger competitiveness

Lean Production is a way of working that creates a stronger competitiveness and higher profitability in your company/organisation. Our leanproductions tools helps you analyse and see development possibilities in your current way of working and improve the infrastructure for your operation.

Lean, continuous improvements and status of machinery

Report system – leanproduction system

Integration with supervising productionsystems and databases. Functions for disturbance and downtime follow up. Our report generator, gives you statistics and trends.

Our philosophy is that it should be simple to get keyfigures such as OEE, planned numbers, output and status. We help you introduce Lean production and The Toyota Way.
Download(pdf): Visconskärm

      Lean production, material handling, kanban 

Lean production

Implementing lean production and continuous improvements will give you a more efficient production. We install complete production follow-up systems and compile the information automatically with keyfigures such as OEE, productionstatus, cycletimes, goals, tacttimes, deviations, direct ok and production plan.

Lean production and the lean concept will help you decrease waste and improve efficiency in your workshop. Downtime follow-up according to lean is very useful in order to evaluate your machineries, runningtimes and status of machinery. Microbus supplies powerful tools within lean and have long experience in visualisation, production follow-up. Contact us for a leaner system.
Download(pdf): lean production

 Datasheet(pdf): Lean production (Swedish)

OEE –  part of lean production

OEE means Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Figures are calculated from the three components: availability, performance and quality. We deliver calculations according to your needs.
Download(pdf): OEE/TAK-värde stopptidsuppföljning

  Datasheet(pdf): OEE - Leanproduction (Swedish)

Less waste – decrease muda

Lean production is about using resources in best possible way. A company’s resources are limited and economical frames are often narrow. With competence in lean production, your company is well armed for the future. Lean production can be implemented in most companies.

Tacted flow – tacted production line

The auto industries first came up with the idea of a moving assembly line, a conveyor belt. Nowadays, a tacted assembly line is balanced so that every station has an overall tact cycle. One or several tact timers are counting down. When tact time is over, the product moves ahead. Moving could be performed manually or automatically.

A tacted line or flow is part of the lean concept. We have delivered tact system to many companies in different categories of production. Our experience is that effectiveness increases by 4-8% just by beginning with a well balanced production, tact line.

Download(pdf):Visualisering CATmedia enligt lean 
  Datasheet(pdf): LCD-screens CATmedia & productionsystem (Swedish)


Microbus - Total supplier in lean production. Ask us - we know lean production

lean thinking

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